Outflow Solids


Treated effluent outflow.
Solids or turbidity measurement to composite samples.
Sewer or river outflow within consent limits.


Effluent Treatment

Influent Load

Effluent Treatment


Track Influent sources to effluent.

Manage changing loads.

Stabilise effluent treatment.



Consistency, Solids

Chemistry & Charge


Stabilise process operation

Balance chemical additives

Reduce process disturbances

Raise productivity and yield






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Welcome to Invista-Sensors

Invista manufactures sensors and measurement systems for the Process and Environmental Industries specialising in low consistency applications.

Our products are; simple to install, easy to use, reliable and offer a cost-effective solution to improve process stability. In-house expertise ensures that our sensors provide a precise measurement that is repeatable over time.

Our long-term industrial customers range from small papermills to large volume producers. These realise full and continuing returns from our measurements. We have worked across a diverse range of effluent applications as well as most paper grades with complete success.

Our products continue to out-perform similar and more complex systems that demand a high level of expertise to use them.